A Trip Down Memory Lane?

Watching the Sound of Music for the first time since 2008 does brings back a lot of memories. Why? Because, when I was Standard 5 (2008), I represented my school in a Volleyball competition (Sukan SRAI). So we have to, like, stay at a hostel for 3 days for the event. We stayed at the Sekolah Agama Menengah Tinggi Sultan Hisamuddin’s hostel.

That’s not the point lol, anyway, right before we went there, my mom introduced the Sound of Music to me. I was listening to the songs frequently and repeatedly because I just love the simple tune of the songs. So when I go to the Sukan SRAI event, the songs from the movie (especially “My Favourite Things and “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”) are stuck in my head.

Those songs kept running through my head the whole time, event when I was playing! (I guess that’s why we didn’t win, lol) I didn’t even bring an mp3 to listen to the songs. So when I came back home from the event, when I play the songs, the memories of the Sukan SRAI drift through my head. I can remember them perfectly (not really, hehe) when I listen to the songs. That’s one of the few reasons why I love music, it’s powerful.

I tried that trick once for a trip. I listen to this particular song regularly when traveling to this place. But it didn’t work. When I hear that song (I can’t remember what song, haha), nothing came. No memories of the place at all. Because music works in mysterious ways (like God, lol). It has to came naturally, like those Sound of Music songs.

So when I watched the movie again a few days ago, when I listen to the songs (“My Favourite Things”, particularly), I almost cried (yeah, I’m an emotional wreck xD). There were memories of the Volleyball game drifting through my head, forcing tears to fall from my eyes. Oh how much I miss my Volleyball! πŸ˜₯

Oh god, emotional much? xD Well, I just love volleyball and I hate SAMTTAJ for not having ’em. I just hope that this new school have this sport.

Okay, that’s all from me. No pics, sorryyyyyyyyyy. πŸ˜› Though, I have a song for you guys πŸ˜‰ Here! The song that I was referring to:

Here’s another song from the movie that I love so much. This song does not bring any memories of the event though. :

P/S: The Champions League QF Draw was so unexpected, Spurs got Real Madrid! OH GOD! ;_; But still, to get this far in the competition is enough to make me happy. πŸ˜€


Raptor Watch 2011

On Saturday, me and my family went to Tanjung Tuan (formerly known as Tanjung Rachado) for the 12th Raptor Watch. I’ll just post some pics, lol.




The birds.



It was quite crowded.


Then we climbeb to the Tanjung Rachado Lighthouse (It was mentioned in the Sejarah book xD) I’ve never gone to the Lighthouse, at least, I don’t remember going there before.


The view from the lighthouse overlooking the Selat Melaka was wonderful. (pic taken by Nukmae aka my bro)

I’m not into birds as much as my brothers and my dad but watching the raptors was surely fun. πŸ˜€
All the pictures (except when stated) are my dad’s.

Anyway, here’s a classic Beatles’ song, Blackbird for all of you. I first knew this song from the movie “Across The Universe” Enjoy.

“You were only waiting for this moment to be free”


Beautiful Like You…

Sorry, the title has nothing to do with this post, LOL. Anyway, tomorrow I will be having my first exam in SMK Setia Alam. Yesterday I studied nothing, okay, Friday night I had a little History quiz with OMBAKK!!! family, heheh. πŸ˜€

But that’s all, since that, I haven’t read anything. -_______- I only have till tonight to study. Let me list all of the subjects I have to study:

Bahasa Malaysia : What? Okay, I’ll just study last year’s exercise book. xD

English : Collective Nouns, Comparatives, etc etc.

Math : No need to study :p

Science : Chapter 1 only, thank god! xD

History : Chapter 1 & 2. I’ve already studied Chapter 1 and remembered them PERFECTLY, LOL. Oh, and I love chapter 2! Because there’s Frank Swettenham. :p So there shouldn’t be a problem.

Geography : Er. I can’t remember :p

Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills?) : Chapter 4 and 5. Masakan and Tanaman Hiasan. WTH… +.+

Sivik: What? Seriously? :p

See all of that^ I’m DOOMED -______- And to top it all, there’s Wolves vs Spurs tonight. I can’t miss that! xD I’ll stay up late lah tonight! Hehehe…

Me tonight ^

Okay okay, about the title (if anyone’s interested), it’s a Lee Dewyze‘s song. It may be the next single of Lee. I went to the Lee Dewyze forum a couple of times and most of the people there would like “Me and My Jealousy” as Lee’s next single but personally I love “Beautiful Like You” the most from the album. So I’ll be quite happy if it’s his next single. πŸ˜€

“That’s all? :”

Of course! What do you expect ? xD

PS: Keluarga OMBAKK!!! consists of Zidos, Kerol, Syazana and Me, hehehe. Here are the order:

Zidos (my great-grandpa xD) –> Kerol (my grandpa) –> Syazana (my fake mom xD) –> Finally, me! (I’m the youngest <3)


β™₯ β™₯ Beautiful Like You β™₯ β™₯

Jinxed and history class

First I posted the “When The Year Ends In One” thingy and Tottenham lost 4-0 to Fulham, now Robbie Keane? I seriously am JINXED lol.

Robbie Keane is out with a calf injury for at least 6 weeks. Oh, c’mon! This is why we don’t post football stuff on our blogs lol. Awww, Keane hope you get better soon πŸ™‚

Tottenham vs Sunderland tonight. I’m jinxed so I don’t want to talk about it much lol My prediction is 2-1 to Tottenham please. πŸ™‚ And Harry please, please, PLEASE play Kranjcar tonight, with Modric and Bale all out with injuries, he really deserves to play ya know. That’s all xD

And, oh yeah, yesterday at school, in History class, we were learning about the, umm, state of Selangor. Blah3, and then this name came up. He was the first Resident General of NNMB (Negeri-negeri Melayu bersekutu), Frank Swettenham.



hahaha, it was so funny. I laughed, literally, in class that day. But no one gets me 😦 LOL, who cares? As long as I’m happy with my Frank Swetterham xD (Yaya got her Kapitan Chung Ah Kwee :P)

Sir Frank Swettenham πŸ˜€

Seriously, I swear, I would remember that name for the rest of my life. πŸ˜›


I’ve found something cool…

Guess what? πŸ˜€

I’ve just found a mini Gareth Bale, oh my, my! xD It’s Sam from Junior Masterchef Australia. He’s 11 years old. I’m telling you, this kid looks EXACTLY like Bale. Well, not exactly, I guess.


Whatever! I’ll just post a picture of Bale and Sam.




Err… Well, maybe based on those photos he doesn’t look EXACTLY like Bale, but if you watch the show, you will be blown away by the alikeness between those two (and their total cuteness). :3

Gnaw.. I love Star World. xD Glee, American Idol, Live To Dance, Junior Masterchef, I love these shows. D’uh, 3 of them are from America but what the heck, Star World don’t show shows like Britain’s Got Talent, but if they do, I love them even more. β™₯ xD

Live To Dance is just for fun, I’m not seriously following that reality show, but it’s kinda fun watching it. Junior Masterchef AUSTRALIA, oh man, gotta love their cuteness and their lovely Australian accent. πŸ˜› Glee and American Idol I started following last year, so wanna do it the same this year. Not a big fan of ’em, really, to be honest.

That’s all, thanks for reading my total nonsense.


Football Field

Ahaha, right after I built my house, my brother cleared up the little forest beside it. And this is what I did with the spaces :-


A (small) football field! πŸ˜€

This is me Β posing at the pitch wearing a Liverpool jersey, I don’t even know why I wore that, lol.


I want to make more projects in minecraft, it’s so much fun! I’m currently building a bridge over a river to an another island not far from our island. Hmm… My brother has recently finished building a lighthouse (you can see it at the top left of the first picture). But I don’t know what he’s doing right now.

Here’s from a different angle:-


See that bridge? It’s really ugly, I know! x( Β Eh, why are there so many animals on my football pitch?

BTW, I’ve change my texture pack… Again… This time it’s Lucid Pack. Yeahh, I frequently change my texture pack. πŸ˜‰


My House in the Minecraft world!

It took me only 2 days to finish this one. It’s not as beautiful as the ones posted on /r/minecraft, but I’m proud of it πŸ˜€


At night :-


What do you think? I’ve wasted so many woodssSSSs, thank god my brother is growing a little forest behind the house. πŸ˜› Ahh, my first decent house! I’ve been playing Minecraft since, I dunno, September? I don’t always build a house, I just make an underground base. This is the first time I made a house. πŸ˜€

BTW, the texture pack is AnimalCrafting, inspired by the Animal Crossing games, here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=48464

Minecraft is a sandbox building game which allows players to Β build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft .


Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

After sending Abg Pih at the airport, me, Kak Nuni, Ba’ah and Mama head to Putrajaya for the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I’m too lazy to blog so I just put up the pictures.

On the way there, we spot a blue hot air balloon.
Blue balloon

Another one.
Colourful Balloon

And yet, another one.

Heart balloon


Putrajaya International hot air balloon FIESTA!



Not long after we arrived, we saw the clown and the Zeppelin balloon are about to take off.

Clown Balloon


Wee….. Happy face.

Happy face


Sad face……



“Goodbye Zeppelin”.



Soon after that, the MAS cargo balloon take-off.



Up close.



The MAS cargo balloon too has a smiley face.



It is flying away….



So many people….



A minute later, Nelly B the elephant is ready to fly!

Elephant balloon


Nelly B


We keep waiting, but Nelly would’nt fly!






The Nescafe mug would’nt fly either.

Then, on the other side, a GIANT peacock is rising up.



So cute!!!! See her crown?



It was a great evening. I had a great time!

Unfortunately, the peacock, the Nescafe mug and Nelly B did’nt take off. Sad….. sad……

That’s all the pictures I took. Kak Nuni’s  is not ready yet. soon….. soon…

Kak Nuni: nuni.nuraina.com