Global Family (Home is wherever I’m with you)

2018 ended as soon as it started. As I sit here, already in the second month of 2019, I sometimes like to look back at my old photos from last year and relive memorable moments. I travelled a lot, I thought, but that wasn’t unexpected.

As I scroll down more and more, I come to realise something. This year was the year I’ve travelled with my family the most, which is surprising because we have never travelled as a whole family. Instead, a few of us would plan and meet up somewhere around the globe. The others would occasionally look on with jealousy, but deep down we’re all happy we’re still connected in a way, even though we’re not part of the trips, and that’s what matters the most. But then again, it’s easy for me to say that given that I was involved in most of the excursions eheh. In fact, I have travelled with each family member (all 7 of them!) somewhere outside of Malaysia at some point in the whole of 2018, consolidating us as a truly global family.

London, Southampton, Portsmouth – ft. Mama and Mae – June

Let’s start off with London, which is cheating because, uh, I sort of live here for the time being? But yeah, Mama came over to give me moral support for my excruciatingly long exam period. My brother who’s studying in France, Nukman (Mae) joined us as well. Mae loves coming to London (though he would vehemently deny it!) because, let’s face it, it’s the best city in the world. From geeking out to the blue police box in Earl’s Court, to enjoying the experience of attending lower league matches on the outskirts of London, he’s actually a closet Anglophile.

My mum ages backwards, right? – London, UK

I dragged them to Tottenham to witness the work-in-progress of soon-to-be the best stadium in London (which, unfortunately, is still under construction as of today)

Welcome to our new home #coys – Tottenham, London, UK

A few days later, we did a day trip to Southampton and Portsmouth in search of more Summer goodness and a whiff of the sea breeze.

A perfect day – Portsmouth, UK

Nagoya, Japan – ft. Mama and Kak Nuni (+ Bok and Amelea) – September

After interning for ~8 weeks over the Summer break, it’s time for some deserved vacation for me, just before returning to London. Coincidentally, my sister, Nuraini (Kak Nuni), was graduating from Nagoya University, so my mum and I used this as an excuse to travel to beautiful Japan, a favourite destination of ours. Dad(Abah) and Mama basically travel to Japan annually.

Best sister in the world award goes to —-> KAK NUNI! – Nagoya, Japan

We managed to squeeze in some tourist actions with Kak Nuni, making it the first time us ladies of the family had a chance to enjoy a bonding (international) trip together without the boys. But then again, my brother Nubli (Abg Bok) did make an exhausting journey south from Tokyo to meet us for a mini reunion, though only for a day.

After a hearty meal of delicious Japanese cuisine – Nagoya, Japan

Abg Bok and Kak Nuni are my two eldest siblings but even with our combined age of 88, we still managed to release our inner child when we visited various toy shops dotted around Nagoya, particularly the toy section of BIC Camera and the ever so charming Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Center is always a delight for us! – Pokemon Center, Nagoya, Japan
These dolphins are cute and all but are they pink like the one on my bag?! – Dolphin Island, Toba, Japan

Northern Germany – ft. Pih and Liyana – October

Barely 3 days after I returned home from Japan, it’s already time for me to fly back to London. My brother and his wife were already on their Northern Germany trip, so I figured why not join them since they’re already so near? People who know my wanderlust self knows I would never pass up an opportunity to travel!

We spent most of our time on the road, admiring the Northern Germany landscape as we passed by wind turbine after wind turbine. It got boring pretty quickly, but the mission was to cover as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible (so that we can brag to Abah), so it was pretty rewarding in the end. Let’s be honest here, we love it when we’ve been to places Abah has never been to, bonus points if they’re UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As the ‘master’ of travels and the man who is largely responsible for our travelling mania DNA, Abah has been to almost all the places we’ve only started to discover now as rookie travellers, so it’s always good fun to ‘win’ against the master.

Thank you Pih and Liyana for letting me join in the Northern Germany trip! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the three of us, but I do have some photos of them. 🙂

Along the coasts of Sassnitz, overlooking the Baltic sea – Sassnitz, Germany
Pih with a house number identical to our old house, 11a, somewhere in the quaint little town of Wernigerode, Germany
Sansoucci Palace with blue skies – Sansoucci Palace, Germany

Seattle, USA – ft. Abg Yi – December

As a competent engineer of his company, Abg Yi was required to travel to the other side of the world for work, even if it meant leaving his family behind temporarily. Living alone for a month with mostly takeout food, he was understandably feeling down. I joked about going to Seattle to visit him and tour around the hipster city, but it somehow turned out to be a reality when I realised that United Airlines were having a sale over the Christmas period (thank you Pih for finding the tickets in the first place!)

Though I had to make the long and tiring journey that stretches London -> Amsterdam -> Chicago -> Seattle and then Seattle -> Houston -> Amsterdam -> London for the return trip, it was worth it if it meant cheering up my brother just a little bit. Also, I’ve always wanted to visit the US given that, a) I already possess a 10-year US visa which is still valid until 2023 and b) being in London, I am already half-way there from Malaysia anyway.

Also, he had a car for work, so I had a rare opportunity to go anywhere I wanted in and around Seattle, without having to worry about transportation. Thank you Abg Yi for driving me around Seattle and even all the way down to Portland!

annoyingly long vertical photo specially for long waterfalls – Latourell Falls, OR, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark – ft. Mama, Abah, Mae, Abg Bok and Amelea

This trip was originally planned by Abg Bok who wanted to visit Copenhagen, a city he holds dearly in his heart, again to spend New Year with his youngest sister and brother, me and Mae (who are studying in Europe). But Abah got jealous and wanted to join in as well, so here we are.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in central Copenhagen with all the free-for-all fireworks was definitely surreal and a bit mental and it’s one of those things where I’m glad I did it but I’d probably never, ever want to experience again.

Us trying to tolerate the extremely windy weather conditions – Kronborg Castle, Helsingor, Denmark
Helsingør , Denmark

Aaaaand that’s the end of it!

Admittedly, I have conflicting feelings about this. On one hand, it had been fun travelling around the world, in a quest to visit my oh so distant family members and experiencing new culture and cities along the way. On the other, I can’t deny that I envy those who have the luxury to spend time with their family members whenever they like. Whenever I see people complaining about not having a ‘complete’ family during Eid celebrations, all I can do is chuckle, because in my case, I haven’t had a full family reunion for almost 8 years, let alone during Eid.

But then again, I came to realise that, just like everything in life (and in circuit designing), there are always trade offs. There’s no such thing as a perfect solution, and there definitely is no such thing as a perfect family. And, as a closing to this actually-not-meant-to-be-long long post about my family, let me end it with a cliche statement: Although we may be far apart, family is always close at heart.

**작가님 오늘도 수고하셨어요! 피곤하고 잠도 못 자는데 이렇게 완벽한 블로그를 쓸 수 있었어서 너무 잘했다! 자자 ㅎㅎㅎ**

A Trip to Wolverhampton – 21/10/2017

I woke up really early today as I had to take a tube from Paddington to Euston for my train to Birmingham. I went to take a shower and started packing up for the trip today. It was just a day trip but I felt so excited even though I was only half-awake at that time. I filled my bag with my must-haves; my Nintendo 3DS, phone, keys, power bank, purse. All set. I was thinking of bringing my coat instead of my hoodie just in case it gets really cold, but in the end I opted for the hoodie. Bad, bad mistake. I didn’t realise Storm Brian was supposed to hit the UK today.

Anyway, I made my way towards the Paddington Underground Station. There, I took the Bakerloo Line to Oxford Circus, then the Victoria Line to Euston Station. Such a hassle. It would’ve been faster and easier if I had taken the bus straight to Euston, but my tickets to Birmingham had already included London Underground tickets, so why would I waste money on bus? Ah well, it wasn’t that complicated, though I was panicking for a moment, thinking I would miss my train.

I arrived at Euston just in time, about 7 minutes before the train leaves. I got on Coach B and found that there was a person beside my reserved seat. I looked around and saw lots of other available seats, so I just sat at one of the window seats, alone. Looking outside, the Sun was about to peek out. It was about 7am after all. I wanted to stay awake and admire the scenery, but I was still really sleepy so I ended up dozing off while listening to golden child’s songs.

When I woke up, we were almost there. I can’t remember much what happened next, probably because I was still half-asleep. We finally arrived at Birmingham New Street, where I needed to get off and get another Midlands train to Wolverhampton. I was really confused when I entered the station. It wasn’t my first time here, mind you, I’ve been here before to visit a friend and attend a gaming convention. It was, however, my first time taking the Midlands train. I looked around at the gazillion boards and saw Wolverhampton. ‘Platform 6b, leaving in 3 mins’ I was like, what?! I rushed there, but I missed it. I looked at the board again and saw that the next train would leave in about 30 minutes. So I had time to have some breakfast and coffee.

I went to one of the cafes and ordered a salmon breakfast burger with a latte. Hmm. It was quite good. The lady working there was really cheerful and friendly, even when it’s so early in the morning. This may seem trivial, but I love small details like this. I love it when people are friendly, I don’t understand why we rarely have these kinds of service in Malaysia. It doesn’t cost anything to smile and be nice to people.

Anyway, this is getting boring. Let’s go to Wolves! I boarded the train and sat comfortably. After about 30 minutes, we finally arrived at Wolverhampton. On the way out, I chatted with this lady for a bit. She was quite friendly, we talked about the weather today (the only thing the British talks about is the weather). Like I said, I love friendly people. It makes my heart warm in this cold weather. (cringe)

Arrived at Wolves, and immediately greeted by extreme gust of cold wind. Thank you, nice to meet you too. I was shivering. At this point, I’ve already regretted my life decision (i.e. not bringing the coat) I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go, but as long as there was at least a bit of shelter, then it’s good enough for me. It didn’t take me long to find the town centre (I think)

The first landmark I found was a statue of Prince Albert on a horse. There’s even a plague. Hmm, looks interesting. I wanted to take a picture but since it was too early in the morning, I decided to come back later. Suddenly it started raining lightly. But the problem was the wind, remember? Yes, it was still windy. And yes, it started raining while the wind was there. Here comes the diagonal rain!

Prince Albert on a horse

Dumb me took out my umbrella and tried to use it but the wind was too strong and it looked like my umbrella was about to break. So I surrendered and saved my umbrella. I saw a Costa café nearby and sprinted there to take cover from the merciless wind. Ah great, I had to buy something, right? Since I’ve entered a café. Hmm, another coffee? Why not.


Chatted to the lady who was making my coffee for a while. Guess what we talked about? Yes, that’s correct. The weather, of course. She said it was really windy when she drove here in the morning as well. Took my coffee and finally sat down in a quiet corner. I played my 3DS for a bit. I had my Monster Hunter Stories with me.

After that, I went outside and discovered that it was still raining. Took cover again by entering a mall. I went to Poundland and Debenhams and other stores there, just for fun. I actually did some shopping. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t in the right state of mind at that time because why would I buy stuffs in Wolves where I could easily find them (and more) in London?! Why?! But somehow I felt more comfortable shopping there than in London. Perhaps because it wasn’t crowded like shops in London? I do hate crowded places.

I went out again and finally found the rain had stopped. Rejoice! I went to the Albert statue earlier and took a picture. I walked around the town. Wolverhampton is a really small town but it feels cosy. I planned on going to the West Park of Wolverhampton (one of, like, only two attractions in Wolves) but I felt like I could probably go there after the match. Bad mistake numero dos. I’ll tell you why later.

I walked pass the St. Peter’s Collegiate Church(the other attraction in Wolves) and saw a guy giving pamphlets about the Bible or something. He gave it to me with a smile. Again, friendly people everywhere. There was a small garden in front of the church. Took pictures like a proper tourist. I continued walking again and found the University of Wolverhampton. Apparently I was just going around the church, as I found its entrance at the back. The Sun started to shine for about 5 seconds, so that was nice.


I walked towards the church and when I was about to leave, a lady came out and invited me in. She said she organised a small concert in the church. It was actually an event about raising awareness on homelessness in Wolves. So I agreed to go. It was about 12.30pm at that time. Learned a bit about the history of the church. The church looked quite nice but it wasn’t anything special. It’s an important piece of Wolverhampton history though.

I spoke to the organiser lady again, told her I’m a student and I came here for the Wolves match at 3pm. We chatted a bit. Again, friendly people. She said the Mayor is coming, the MPs are coming. I guess it was quite an important event. It was a bit boring though, lots of speeches from the politics people. The ‘concert’ was just a guy playing the organ and the piano, followed by some gospel songs. I thoroughly enjoyed it though, especially the lady’s voice. So powerful, so emotional.

It was really nice because I just realised the moment I entered the church, it started raining a lot! So I guess I was seeking shelter at the church. After that ended, they prepared some biscuits and tea. Free food! I took a picture with the Mayor because his chains looked cool, but the photo was blurry.

Okay now for the main event! I left the church and made my way towards the Molineux Stadium. It was really near. The moment I walked out of the church, I saw a guy in a Wolves scarf. Amazing. I followed the crowd and finally saw a glimpse of the Molineux. I can’t describe how I felt. It was the same feeling I had the first time I saw White Hart Lane and entered it. It was surreal. I don’t even support Wolves as much as I do Spurs, but the feelings I felt were identical.

I saw a vendor selling the match programme and realised I didn’t have cash. I asked the cops there if there were any ATMs near, so they said there was an ASDA nearby, just walk along the road and you can see it there. So I did, and I found the ASDA. It was literally across the road from the Molineux. I took out some cash and went to one of the match programme vendors (they were everywhere) and bought one. I walked around the stadium and bought a Wolves pin and a scarf along the way. Finally, I went inside the stadium and made my way towards my seat. It was quite early, most of the fans were still chillin’ outside, so the stadium was quite empty. But it was really pretty, the orange colour really made the stadium stand out. There was a sticker on my seat which spelled out “Season ticket holder”. Hmm that was interesting, the ticket I bought was probably someone else’s before this. I sat down and took some pictures while reading the match programme.

Match Programme


A few minutes later, an old man came and sat next to me. Since we have about 10 minutes until kick-off, I figured I should start making small talks. I started by asking him if a season ticket holder was the original owner of my seat, and he said nahh not at all, no one sat there for the last few years. I was really surprised, so I showed the sticker and he just laughed. “That’s from a while ago, they probably didn’t care enough to remove it”. He went on saying he’s been a season ticket holder since the 1980s. Whoa. “Whenever I want to bring someone to the match, I usually pick this seat (beside him) because no one is here”, he added.

We talked a lot from there on. (I just realised I didn’t catch his name lol or maybe I did, but I’ve forgotten it) Ah well. He was really friendly, he was in his 50s and he lives in Birmingham. He told me about the old days of Wolves, how the stadium has evolved since the first time he saw them. Back then there was only one stand, and the stand has only one tier (now, there are 2 of them in the Molineux). Then there was a corner of the Molineux which was opened when Wolves were in the Premier League, but they’ve closed it since. He said they’d probably re-open it if Wolves get promoted! I asked him about Wolves’ chants, and he taught me the most famous one, which is, when the players get on the pitch, they’ll play a song and at the end the fans would sing “Hi ho, Wolverhampton~!”


The stadium started to fill up. He told me last week’s match against Aston Villa was their highest attendance(~31000), but it doesn’t look like today would break that record. Nevertheless, there were still a lot of fans today, more than usual. (It turns out there were ~28000 fans today. That’s not bad!) I asked him where the Away fans were seated and he said they’re all directly under us (we were on the 2nd level of the Stand). I didn’t know that, so I was quite disappointed I couldn’t physically see them because Away fans are usually feisty and full of spirit.

Finally, the players entered the pitch. A song was played and at the end of the song, the fans cheered “Hi ho, Wolverhampton~!” Itwas so loud! I realised I missed the opportunity to record it but the old guy told me it’s okay, they’ll probably do it again before the second half starts. Wolves didn’t start the game very well, it was all Preston in the first 35 minutes. Whenever Wolves had the ball, Preston pressed really high and made them lose the ball. It was really frustrating but I remembered Preston were also one of the top 6 teams in the Championship right now, so they certainly weren’t pushovers. But just before half time, Wolves got a lucky break and scored! It was totally against the run of play, Preston players must have felt terrible.

At half time, they interviewed someone on the pitch. A former Wolves player who played during the 80s/90s, I think. I got Wolves history lessons from the old guy again lol it was really interesting. He said the player being interviewed wasn’t that good, he was okay-ish during the days. Before the second half started, they did the chant again! And this time I caught it on camera 😀

The second half was all Wolves and they went up 3-0. I thought they were cruising, they could have easily had a 4th goal, but suddenly Preston scored. And suddenly everyone felt nervous. About 10 minutes after that, they scored again, through an own goal. By then, Preston were really fired up and they were looking for the equaliser. It was really nerve-wrecking but the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. I can hear the noise from the Away fans when the score was 3-2, but the Wolves fans did not give up either, so the chants went back and forth.

The last 15 minutes were absolutely crazy. The fans were being loud as usual, but there was a scuffle between the players as well. Because of this, a lot of time was wasted and there was a minimum of 6 minutes of added time. And then even during injury time, there were more scuffles which resulted in one of the PNE players being sent off. Man, what a wild ride. The total playing time probably stretched to 90+10 minutes (obviously we didn’t know, because the clock in the stadium stops at the 90th minute)

In the end, Wolves managed to hold on to the lead and won 3-2. What a relief! I was literally at the edge of my seat towards the end of the match. The fans applauded the players and started to leave. The old guy beside me said goodbye and left early as well. Thanks for all the Wolves history lessons! I waited for the crowd to leave first and I was just admiring the stadium again. This could be the first and last time I am here at the Molineux, so might as well appreciate it longer.

I left the stadium and walked to the train station. Wolverhampton’s city centre is really small, so it didn’t take long to walk from the Molineux to the town centre and then to the train station. When I got there, I realised my train was the last train to London. So I still had a lot of time to kill. Remember when I said I wanted to go to the West Park after the match? Yeah but the problem was it was cold as hell, so I had to scrap that plan. There’s no way I’m walking all the way to the park and back to the station with my pathetic hoodie! Wolverhampton don’t have many tourist attractions, but I still failed to visit one of them today… If only I had brought my coat….

Anyway, I went back to town, went to one of the restaurants and ordered dinner and settled down, just wasting time looking at my phone and playing the 3DS. The adrenaline rush I had from the match still hadn’t completely die down. After about an hour and a half, I left the place and made my way back to the train station. There, I waited, again. It wasn’t that bad, I had my 3DS with me. It was freezing though! And my cold just got worse because of this trip 😦

When I finally got on the train, I was exhausted. I found my reserved seat and it was the one with 4 seats and a table. I just sat down and rested my head on the table and dozed off. (Don’t worry, I kept all my valuable belongings close to me) I woke up when someone asked me if he can sit in the seats in front of me. In my head I was like, “that’s not my seat, why is this guy asking me?” but I just said yeah sure and went back to sleep. He probably did that just to be polite. Thanks. The second time I woke up was when the train stopped at Birmingham New Street (and the guy just now was gone, guess he found another seat or he got off here) and these Fulham fans were filling in the coach. One of them sat in front of me (it was a lady) and I moved my bag (which was on the seat beside me) so that someone can sit there. There were 3 of them travelling together, 2 guys and a lady. The other 2 guys sat beside the lady and the seat beside me. He thanked me for moving my bag and then they started talking.

It was pretty obvious the 2 guys were drunk but they were really nice. The lady was only drinking plain water, so I guess she was sober. I can’t remember what they were talking about but the way they talked made me think they were travelling fans. I think one of them was saying “I f**king hate Chelsea” lol. So I asked them, “Did you guys go for a match today?” And the lady was like, yeah, we did. She told me they’re Fulham fans and they were on their way back from Fulham’s match against Aston Villa. I checked online and apparently they lost the match and John Terry actually scored for Villa. That explains why the guy suddenly said he hates Chelsea lol I mean, Fulham fans in general hate Chelsea, but I thought it was pretty random of him to suddenly say that. Also, one of the guys was randomly saying “We hate Wolves!” because he saw another Wolves fan not far from where we were sitting. Drunk people are kinda funny.

It took me a while, but I then realised the lady was actually wearing a Fulham scarf. They mostly talked among themselves but sometimes they would talk to me and ask me random questions. It was really nice and they were really funny, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I mean, the fact that there was a lady there (and she was sober) helped, I guess. Then I realised I lost my card holder. I had it with me literally a few minutes before (when the Fulham fans came), so I went into panic mode. I think I was still half-asleep at that time, so it was probably just me forgetting where I put it or maybe accidentally dropped it. I didn’t suspect anyone because I knew it was my clumsiness/forgetfulness.

I was searching around, and the 3 of them were like, what happened? Did you lose something? And the guy beside me stood up and sat on the other side to give me space to search. I ducked down and sure enough, it’s there. I guess I accidentally dropped it at some point. I knew it wasn’t stolen because I usually keep it really close to me. Anyway, while I was searching for my stuff, one of the guys saw my Wolves scarf and he was like, “you’re a Wolves fan?! We hate the f**king Wolves!” Hahaha, it was hilarious. I innocently asked the lady “Do Fulham fans hate Wolves?” (maybe there was some random rivalry between them idk) and the lady just said “Nah, they’re just being silly. We hate you guys because you’re doing amazing right now” I guess she was referring to the fact that Wolves were currently top of the league.

I told them it was my first time at the Molineux. I told them I wasn’t a Wolves fan, I just wanted to experience a Championship match, that’s why I went to see Wolves. Then the lady suggested I go to a Fulham match (since I live in London) She told me the Hammersmith Stand is quite good and the price isn’t that bad either. She was really nice, she was really promoting Fulham FC and the area around Craven Cottage (Fulham’s stadium). I’ll probably go next time, when I have the time. Or maybe when Wolves play Fulham at Craven Cottage, I don’t know. It sounds fun.

The train back to London took about 2 hours, so I spent quite some time with these guys. I mostly kept quiet, but the 2 guys were talking non-stop. The worst part was I couldn’t understand anything they said because of their thick accent (and probably because they were drunk). They mostly talked amongst themselves and the lady, but I was there so I was listening as well. The two guys got off at Milton Keynes and the moment they left, it got so much quieter hahaha The lady didn’t talk much after that, probably because she was tired (I know that Away Days feels yo) I was tired as well, so we didn’t talk much all the way to Euston.

When we arrived at Euston, the lady told me “good luck in the future” as she said her goodbyes. I kept on meeting nice people today, I love it. Then I made my way towards the tube and went to Paddington where I walked back home. It was ~12am when I arrived at Paddington Station but the street going towards my house was still lively. It was completely safe, so that was nice. I arrived home safely. Still tired from all the walking and cheering and talking but it was all worthwhile.

The End.

Kustechs: A Trip Down Memory Lane – #02

02 – Our Favourite Practical Teachers! Part 2

 The clock was ticking and time was running out for the practical teachers. Just in a blink of an eye, 3 months passed by so fast. Having spent so many sweet memories with Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min, we (my gang and I) decided to throw a little dinner party with them.

It was on a weekend, so everyone was relaxed. I think it was on Saturday (maybe it was Sunday though, I can’t remember) and Mama was coming to visit me that evening, so we suddenly decided to ask her a favour. We agreed beforehand to buy a box of KFC chickens and a few drinks. I explained to her how we were going to make a surprise (farewell) party for the practical teachers who were close to us.

Initially, we planned to collect money from each and every one of us and pay for the KFC meals, but Mama insisted on paying for it. Thank you Mama! :3 So, yeah we got our chickens and drinks. We intended to go to their house after Maghrib prayer (back then, we were required to go to the Surau Besar during Maghrib), so we brought along the food and left it in the hallway haha the other students were so amused.

Anyway, after that, the seven of us quickly made our way towards Cikgu Min and Cikgu Lia’s house, making a big surprise for them. :’) We sat down together and ate the chickens scrumptiously while having a few laughs. Cikgu Lia went out for a while to buy a pack of ice (for the sodas), a few snacks and a tub of ice cream to complete the gargantuan dinner we were having. It was such an enjoyable night for all of us!


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.41.18

with Cikgu Faralia.


Me and Hazirah ngehehehe.


  With Cikgu Min.

We didn’t do much that night really, with the exception of eating and taking pictures. We did a group video of gwiyomi (and failed miserably) and were basically just having fun. We gave them a cute little teddy bear each. :3

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.41.33

After that, we cleaned up everything and bid goodnights to them as we made our way back to our dorms. I remembered when we were heading back to our hostel; I was thinking about how much I would miss crashing the house in the evening, gossiping with them and whining about our school life. It was such a habitual destination for us to kill our boredom.

When you’ve grown attached to someone, it’s hard to let go. ):

On their last day at school, I cried when I met Cikgu Min hihi. She was so precious to me and I couldn’t handle the fact that I won’t be seeing her anymore. She gave me this mug and a petit note:- ❤

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 15.47.19

And that, I think, wraps up the first story of my Kustechs journey. Hopefully this is the first of many more ohohohoho. 🙂

 ~ Kustechs di hati ~

Kustechs: A Trip Down Memory Lane – #01

    01 – Our Favourite Practical Teachers!

When we were in Form 4, we only had one class for each course (4E1 for Elec Eng. / 4A1 for Civ. Eng. / 4M1 for Mech. Eng.)

My gang (then) consisted of me, Nabilah, Aten, Hazirah, Balqis, Fierah and Fieza. We were all Elec. Eng. students except for Fierah who was a Mech. Eng. student. Alin (also a Mech. Eng. student) came into the picture during mid-year 2013, so she doesn’t feature in this story hahaha sorry alin :p

Anyway back to this, in 4E1, we were divided into two different PKE(Pengajian Kejuruteraan Elektrik) groups right from the start, one with Pn. Ana and the other was with Pn. Kalai and it was totally random. My gang was inevitably split into two also. Pn. Kalai taught Aten, Hazirah and Balqis while Nabilah and I were with the delightful Pn. Ana 😛

Anyway, about a month into the new school term, our school received a couple of new faces; practical teachers who were hoping to spend their 3 months with us. There were 4 of them, Cikgu Min, Cikgu Faralia and two others. Each of them had to teach us (Form 4 students) 2 technical subjects.

Cikgu Min specialised in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, so she had to teach our class, right? She was taken under Cikgu Ana’s wing (Pn. Kalai had nothing to do with this) and had to take over her role as our PKE teacher.

Cikgu Min was a stark contrast to Pn. Ana, so we were a bit startled by the change. While Pn. Ana was strict and very scary (in a good and loving way :3 ), Cikgu Min was layback and chill. She was a young teacher, after all. She understood our teenage hearts. Besides, She couldn’t possibly control all of us successfully (the group I was in were full of boys, the only girls were myself, Nabilah, Intan and Hanisah, if I’m not mistaken. My memories are kinda blurry right now) So she just went with the flow and blended in with us. Cikgu Min also had to teach LK to 4M1 (where the lone ranger, Fierah was. Sorry fie, we love you-), so Fierah knew her too.

Cikgu Faralia was teaching LK for our class (and Civil Eng. for 4A1), so Pn. Azlizaa (my LK teacher) had to split the class into two. Again, my gang was separated, but this time only Aten was put into Cikgu Lia’s class (lol) while we (the others) were still under Pn. Azlizaa. (This was because Pn. Azlizaa divided the group according to alphabetical order- Aten’s name was high up the list and far away from ours kekeke)

So, there we go, that’s the gist of it! Oh, right I forgot to mention, Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min were bestfriends and they were staying together in a vacant house located within the school compound, alongside houses of other teachers and staffs.

I don’t know where to begin this story.. OTL

Well, I guess I can start with me and Nabilah. You see, in class, we were always seated right in front of the teacher. Hence, we talked frequently with Cikgu Min and often rambled along with her. While we were doing our elec… calculating.. thingy, we would talk and talk and talk with her. Mostly dumb stuffs, haha. I guess that’s when we started to get close with her.

Also, you know our gang was a very troublesome gang back then (and still was even up until Form 5 ngehehehe) so we would loiter around the school compound in the evening, riding bicycles and just doing stupid things. So we would visit Cikgu Lia and Cikgu Min’s house, just to lie down and talk about school.

When people questioned our ‘authority’ to go to a teacher’s house, we would just tell them we wanted to learn (LK or PKE) but in truth, we just wanted to get out of the damn hostel. :3 School life is boring without some rule-breaking actions. Yeah, we were always breaking rules, but let me tell you, it’s the dumb and useless rules that we were used to breaking, not the serious ones. So teachers weren’t too bothered with us to be honest.

So, just like that, we grew fond of both Cikgu Min and Cikgu Lia and when it was time they return to their universities, tears were shed and a little farewell party was held. I’ll tell you that in the next post, so for now, goodbye. 🙂





Going to War Alone

“This is something I long for since I was young.

The time has finally come.

But alas, a big problem has surfaced.

And nobody is listening to what I have to say.

And I’m all alone.

For my friends are not here with me.

I must fight this battle alone.

Unfortunately, I lost the first battle.

It could be my last if I do not stand up for myself once more.

But I don’t have any plans. Strategies. Tactics.

I have no influential figures whom I can rely on.

Help me. I’m stuck. Here.

And I don’t know where to go.

To flee, or to go on a battle once more?”

I wrote this when I was devastated with something recently.


Humble Movie Ramble: The Legend of the Guardians

The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole 

This movie is too beautiful, I almost forgot the storyline. It’s not the best storyline they can come up with, that’s for sure. It’s quite predictable. The director focused heavily on the graphics and 3D effects in the movie.

It’s a shame I didn’t get to see it in 3D, otherwise I would really enjoy all the close-up and blah3x in the movie. I did watch it in HD though. Yes, it’s pretty.

Personally, I think it’s just a mediocre movie with fancy graphics. I just like Jim Sturgess (Soren), hehehe… And owls. I love owls.

[rating:3/5] Kids would love it.


Better Than Nothing

This year’s English classes are so confusing. It is usually lifeless and boring but at the same time there will always be some amusing and interesting anecdotes going on.

Like yesterday for example, we were filling in the PMR registration form (or something like that). Most of my classmates got the photocopy of their respective ICs that the teacher has kept all this while. We need it to feel some infos (name, IC number etc.) on the form. Still following me? Don’t worry, you don’t need to know this.

So, I didn’t get the copy of my IC. The teacher was like “OH YEAH, some teacher told me you were changing SCHOOLS, so I’ve put the copy of your IC in your student file. Ready to give it back to you for your new school!”, And I was like, “LOL!”

I’ve never told anyone that I want to go to other schools. Heck, I didn’t even post anything about it on Facebook! :p (obligatory Facebook joke here)

On a side note, some friends praised my blog and how I use my English. I guess writing that post about the new class increased my blog readers. Or whatever you like to call them. And they supported my post 100%. 😛

P.S: In case anyone is wondering, I still love Vincent Van Gogh.


Humble Movie Ramble: Rare Exports

This is my first ever movie review. I hope you like it. 🙂

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (click on the picture to watch the trailer)

First of all, I really think that this is a very unique movie. Simply because it’s a Finnish film and not some overrated American film. Just kidding. Actually, this movie is somewhat exceptional because it shows the real DARK side of Santa Claus who doesn’t actually reward nice kids but instead punish the naughty ones.

Personally, I really like this movie. The settings, the characters, and I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved foreign language. I just realized that there aren’t much characters in this movie, but they successfully made the best of it. And it eventually turned out to be an amazing, unique low-budget film.

And also, I love the ending. Such a great ending it was!

I recommend that anyone who thinks he/she is a hipster should watch this movie, hahaha. 😛


Ace Attorney #2

That’s it. I’ve finished all four of the Ace Attorney games. Of course, CAPCOM (the company) said that there will be a fifth game of the series that will also possibly be the last one. I can’t wait for it, though. There are so many unanswered questions about the characters and the story of the whole game.

When I knew that Phoenix had lose his attorney badge, I went emo. Seriously, I told you I’m an emotional wreck. I know it’s just a game, but the thought of the great Phoenix Wright having to retire from being a lawyer so early is just… Sad…

Yes, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd game of the series we play as Phoenix Wright, defense attorney. But in the 4th game, we play as a rookie lawyer named Apollo Justice. In that game, we learned that Phoenix lose his job in a case because of a forged evidence. THE forged evidence that destroyed his career.

See? I’m getting emotional again. Urghh, it’s just a game, Aina, snap out of it! I’ve never played a game that had left a wound in my heart, making me emotional all of a sudden.

Anyway, I guess I have to wait for the fifth game to figure out everything. I have Pokemon Black waiting for me to play it, but I think I should stop for a while. I need to gain my composure first (emo) and finish my overdue homeworks. Only THEN, I could start playing Pokemon.

P/S: I love Ace Attorney. I’m addicted to it. Please buy me the Phoenix Wright Artbook PLEASEEEEE


Ace Attorney

It’s been almost 3 months since I last posted something here… My bitter birthday… -,-”

Anyway, I’m not really going to abandon this blog, it’s just that I’m super lazy right now (and the last 2 months also). And I have tons of homeworks to do, mostly corrections from my mid-term exam. And the Sejarah folio also. Thank god, that thing is almost finished.


OH, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE WRIGHT NOW. (see what i did there?)

Anyway, I’ll just leave this here: